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Jon Gunnar Wold

Ny sportsdirektør i FAI

Den tyske ballongflygeren Markus Haggeney har tiltrådt stillingen som sportsdirektør i FAI. NLF har mottatt følgende pressemelding fra FAI:

The FAI has the pleasure to announce the appointment of Markus Haggeney as the new Sports and Marketing Director of the Federation, after Rob Hughes stepped down from his role as Sports Director. He has started in his new position on 15 March 2014.
German-born Markus Haggeney, 54, brings a wealth of experience to the FAI, having worked for many years as an event organiser and official at various air sports competitions. His background features the organisation of 11 editions of the Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett as Event Director and of 4 high profile competitions including the 15th FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship in Magdeburg, Germany, in 2007. He also participated as a competitor in several top ballooning competitions such as the world and European hot air balloon championships.
Over the years Markus has become a well-known figure in the air sports community through his volunteer work at the CASI (FAI Air Sport General Commission), the CIA (FAI Ballooning Commission) and the German National Aero Club. Furthermore, he worked for many years in companies active in the field of aviation, where he gained extensive experience in sales and event promotion.
FAI Secretary General Susanne Schödel said, “Markus’ experience, knowledge and enthusiasm will be a significant asset to the FAI Head Office and the FAI in general. He will be instrumental in the implementation of new marketing strategies to further enhance our sports and events.”
“I am delighted to join the team at the FAI Head Office,” Markus commented. “The potential of our sports is great and I look forward to contributing to their development.”